OneCoffee is
changing to 99% biodegradable*.

We’re excited to announce that OneCoffee will soon be 99% biodegradable! We’re switching to new compostable lids and bags, instead of individual wrappers – making OneCoffee a single-serve option you can feel better about.

OneCoffee is
Certified Organic.

It is grown without the use of chemicals, non-natural fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. We’re taking good care of our planet’s coffee fields – one cup at a time.

OneCoffee is
Certified Fairtrade.

It comes from farmers who are compensated fairly. This makes for a more sustainable arrangement for them, their families, and the coffee we all love.

FOR USE BY OWNERS OF KEURIG® COFFEE MAKERS. Read our FAQs for compatibility details.
*Based on weight, exclusive of box. OneCoffee can be commercially composted, after filter is removed. Facilities may not exist in your area.

Photo is of 90% biodegradable OneCoffee.